In India, my books can only be found in eBook format. Outside India – one can order paperback on Amazon.

I wish! No seriously, professional writing that supports livelihood of a person fully is something I strive for. But for now, I freelance as a writer, visual artist, and design expert.

I have masters in Integrative Design, with emphasis on Visual Communication, Design Research, Design Culture, Visual Sociology and Iconic Research.

Last time i checked, India is still a democratic country?

Why shouldn’t I call myself a feminist if I believe in equality of gender?

Choice. The freedom of choice, that remains uninfluenced by male point-of-view.
Yes there are women who choose not to be called a feminist. To me the fact that they can choose so, is also a feminist choice.

No. There’s a difference between being anti-national and anti-nationalist. I am not anti-national, which is synonymous to terrorism in some countries. I am anti-nationalist. That means I have extreme disregard for blind followers of jingoism and bigotry in the name of “love for country” and “love for tradition”. Most people who practice nationalism are often ignorant of facts that influence our social structures and cultural outlook. Esp. in the case of India where much of its bigotry and jingoism is influenced by India’s post-colonial identity crisis.

It’s my pen name. De – is from Debolina, B – from Bandyopadhyay, and Dubois – is adopted from my ex-partner’s family name.

Switzerland has four national languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh. All but Romansh maintain equal status as official languages at the national level, equal constitutional value within the Federal Administration of the Swiss Confederation.
Tina Turner had to learn German as she was naturalised as a Swiss in the German speaking part of Switzerland. I learnt, and thus speak, French as I got naturalised at Val-de-Travers (absinthe valley) of the French speaking part of Switzerland – better known Romandy (French: la Romandie); situated in the Western and South-Western parts of Switzerland.
Usually, every Swiss speaks at least two national languages. So I speak a bit of German, but not so well. But sometimes I do write in German (only when forced to). But I prefer Swiss German dialects from Biel and Aarau (easier for me to understand and type).
As a Swiss my main language, that I speak and write, is French.

I have much to share – so I write.
To be honest, it is tough at times, and takes quadruple amount of time and effort to get my writing done. Also I am thankful to my editors who diligently go through thousands of words to make sure I haven’t made any “silly mistakes” due to dyslexia. As for ADHD… those who are close to me are the ones who know how much it affected me as a child, and still affects me.

I am influenced by stories of many women around me, and I have to admit that it would be a lie if an author denies having used their own experiences or fantasies to mould book characters. The character of Devi in The Girl Child has many similarities with me, but the side stories are of women around me. These are women who feel uncomfortable to tell their own stories publicly but want a narrator to do so. I feel obliged to present their truth in the form of fiction, and am grateful to them for finding me responsible and trustworthy enough to share such intimate details of their lives and their thoughts with me.

Feels weird... and I always rectify them. Then again, which author has written anything that doesn’t come from their own experiences?

Yes .. I do feel that way but it’s just normal cause they are already assuming a lot by then.

Well... most people think the way you do and I am told so all the time. Yes, there are ups and downs... but tbh... my courage isn’t buying chalks and slates for underprivileged kids in a night school that is overlooked by majority of population - at least not the way I’d like it to... As at: it is not recognised as widely yet. So to me, it is rather a talent than courage. I have a talent for storytelling, and that’s what I do... if it is courage then it is kind of pitiful for me, cause I’m not here pulling stunts to entertain but rather giving “truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion/fiction”. And not all that you read in my books apply to me... even when I am using first-person. So the fact that people think I’m courageous is also complement to my writing skills cause they must strongly believe that I’m writing about myself... right? So if I’ve convinced people of my books being autobiographical then I deem myself a brilliant storyteller... and I take your analysis as a complement!